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“If only all physicians could be like Dr. Scarlett! He is a shining example of a compassionate, intelligent doctor who is truly sensitive to the needs and feelings of patients with breast cancer. He takes the time to really listen and responds with a positive, supportive manner. You feel confident and relieved to be in his care!”

Donna Greenberg, Traditional Acupuncture


“Last year I was faced with the most difficult decision I hope I will ever make, that being whether to have reconstruction surgery after my bilateral mastectomy. Upon my surgeon’s recommendation I consulted with Dr. William Scarlett to explore all options available to me.

During my very first consultation with Dr. Scarlett his complete understanding of my state of mind coupled with his compassion for patients with my circumstances instilled in me a high degree of confidence.

Dr. Scarlett not only possesses enormous knowledge in this field but he also understands his patient’s need to be listened to and he answers all questions and concerns without any time restraints.

I applaud his commitment to those of us who need his skills the most. I could not have asked for a more compassionate skilled surgeon in this field. I feel he gave me my life back.”

Kathleen Sarsfield


“Where do I begin to express my feelings for Dr. Scarlett? From the moment I met him, I knew he was someone special. I felt immediately at ease and I knew I was in good hands. After just hearing that I had breast cancer, I was afraid of what to expect; but, after meeting Dr. Scarlett, I felt a feeling of calm come over me and I just knew everything would be OK.

I have had Dr. Scarlett operate on me over five times already so I know what I am talking about. I had a mastectomy of my left breast with tissue expander, breast reconstruction, nipple reconstruction; then the very next year diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast and then another mastectomy with tissue expander, another breast reconstruction and now I am scheduled for another nipple reconstruction.

I am so happy with the results I cannot tell you. I feel like a flasher because anyone who asks how I am doing and if I am happy with his work, I just show them the results. I could not be happier, I feel great about myself inside and out. It is not just his magical hands, but he has a true gift of a healer and that is his ability to give that extra TLC which is so important to a patient. He has the ability to listen and relate to what you are saying. He has the whole package. My angels were certainly with me when I had the good fortune to find Dr. Scarlett. I feel a deep emotional bond with Dr. Scarlett which I know is shared by his multitude of patients who belong to my breast cancer support group. All I hear over and over again is “I love Dr. Scarlett.” If I could shout it from the roof tops how much I admire Dr. Scarlett, I would. I hope that whoever needs plastic surgery seeks out Dr. Scarlett so they can experience the feelings I have. I have been truly blessed and I thank God every day that he put me in such good hands.”

Janet A. Newton


“I have been so blessed to have Dr. Scarlett as my reconstructive doctor. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in August, 2008, it was a very anxious, trying time in my life. Dr. Scarlett was so very compassionate and never made me feel as though my questions were unimportant. He took his time at all my appointments and never rushed me in and out, or made me feel like I was “just another patient.” His personality is so warm and caring. He treats you like a friend, not to mention he’s absolutely fabulous at what he does! It is amazing how something so bad can turn out so good. He’s my favorite doctor ever!”

Beverly Kramer


“Dr. Scarlett has been taking care of me since the summer of ’08. I am probably his nightmare patient and through all that I’ve been through, he is always there for support (anytime day or “night”). He will tell you like it is, even if it’s not what you want to hear.” “A wonderful doctor,” a “great staff too.”

Mary Blank


“Dr. Scarlett is a very special one of a kind type of doctor. He is a warm, kind, caring and compassionate person as well as a skilled and talented professional. He is a truly gifted plastic surgeon and you can feel confident trusting his opinion for any of your needs. Dr. Scarlett also specializes in breast reconstruction after breast cancer. He is well loved and highly respected among the many women I know who have had breast cancer in this community including myself. He is truly there for you throughout the entire reconstruction process. His dedication to his patients and his job is surpassed by none.”

I.B– Newtown,PA

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